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The Great Resignation of 2021

An article in the Economist came out recently that claimed up to 40% of the American workforce is planning to resign from their current job in the next 12 months. This should not be news to anyone that is actually paying attention to American work culture and the fallout from decades of working ourselves to … Continue reading “The Great Resignation of 2021”


NW Update – May 2021

Another month and another Net Worth update! May 2021 was the month of real estate. We had 3 closings this month. After spending months trying to find any deals in real estate and falling flat I finally found the key to success in our current market. Purchase properties from investors that come with leases. Retail … Continue reading “NW Update – May 2021”

Exactly 3 years left!

The FireFamily has a lofty goal of being fully financially independent by April 2024. Since it is the middle of April 2021 as I write this that means we have 36 months remaining to get our shit together and meet the goals. This seems like a reasonable time to reassess the situation, see if anything … Continue reading “Exactly 3 years left!”

NW Update – April 2021

Another month and another Net Worth update. Despite some expensive hobby purchases, bordering on excessive to drop at once, we still increased our Net Worth by $56,200 in the previous 30 days. That is well ahead of track to be at $2 million by April 2024, but this massive bull market can only last so … Continue reading “NW Update – April 2021”

Setting yourself up for post FI/RE success – Setting Goals

If you are a consumer of Financial Independence content on a regular basis then you can’t ignore that there has been a MASSIVE uptick in the people who have really struggled 2-5 years into their retirement.  It makes sense though, depending on how you measure the growth of this movement, there is no denying that … Continue reading “Setting yourself up for post FI/RE success – Setting Goals”

NW Update – March 2021

Another month it brings the most comprehensive NW update I have done in a couple years. Assets Real Estate Value Monthly Income IA Rental 3818 $130,000 $1,050 CO Duplex 1060 $580,000 $1,000 Real Estate Total $710,000 $2,050 Tax Advantaged Accounts Value 457 $69,600 401k $58,000 IRA $74,000 ROTH IRA $56,000 Spousal IRA $35,700 529 $16,000 … Continue reading “NW Update – March 2021”


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