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NW Update – May 2021

Another month and another Net Worth update! May 2021 was the month of real estate. We had 3 closings this month. After spending months trying to find any deals in real estate and falling flat I finally found the key to success in our current market. Purchase properties from investors that come with leases. Retail … Continue reading “NW Update – May 2021”

Exactly 3 years left!

The FireFamily has a lofty goal of being fully financially independent by April 2024. Since it is the middle of April 2021 as I write this that means we have 36 months remaining to get our shit together and meet the goals. This seems like a reasonable time to reassess the situation, see if anything … Continue reading “Exactly 3 years left!”

NW Update – April 2021

Another month and another Net Worth update. Despite some expensive hobby purchases, bordering on excessive to drop at once, we still increased our Net Worth by $56,200 in the previous 30 days. That is well ahead of track to be at $2 million by April 2024, but this massive bull market can only last so … Continue reading “NW Update – April 2021”

Setting yourself up for post FI/RE success – Setting Goals

If you are a consumer of Financial Independence content on a regular basis then you can’t ignore that there has been a MASSIVE uptick in the people who have really struggled 2-5 years into their retirement.  It makes sense though, depending on how you measure the growth of this movement, there is no denying that … Continue reading “Setting yourself up for post FI/RE success – Setting Goals”

NW Update – March 2021

Another month it brings the most comprehensive NW update I have done in a couple years. Assets Real Estate Value Monthly Income IA Rental 3818 $130,000 $1,050 CO Duplex 1060 $580,000 $1,000 Real Estate Total $710,000 $2,050 Tax Advantaged Accounts Value 457 $69,600 401k $58,000 IRA $74,000 ROTH IRA $56,000 Spousal IRA $35,700 529 $16,000 … Continue reading “NW Update – March 2021”


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