NW Update – March 2021

Another month it brings the most comprehensive NW update I have done in a couple years.

Real EstateValueMonthly Income
IA Rental 3818$130,000$1,050
CO Duplex 1060$580,000$1,000
Real Estate Total$710,000$2,050
Tax Advantaged AccountsValue
ROTH IRA$56,000
Spousal IRA$35,700
Tax Advantage Total$309,300
Brokerage Vanguard$126,000
Brokerage WeBull$12,300
Retail Business$415,000
Total Investments$595,300
Checking$70,000(multiple closings soon)
Real Estate Checking$7,500
Sold business note$17,000
Total Cash/Savings$94,500
Total Assets$2,018,400
Mortgage CO DuplexMortgage$399,000
Business buyout loanBusiness$97,500
Total Liabilities$496,500
Total NW March 2021$1,212,600

March 2021 Goals

  • Set ourselves up to max the 529 each year for the next five years. (already done for 2021)
  • $2,000,000 NW by April 2024 – Current FI goal date.
  • Continue moving after tax investments from apps and into real estate; purchase 3 rentals by June 2022.
  • Invest $50,000 additional into CO Duplex in improvements to create a better income property by April 2023.
  • Continue to max 457 and 401k until April 2024


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