Wildfires and Climate Change

Well FIREDad has just returned from our first mandatory evacuation from our home and let me tell you it sucks. I know you’ve seen people interviewed that say it’s so much worse than you can imagine and let me tell you they are right. There really is nothing quite like having less than an hour to pack all your things, animals and family members into your car then driving away with a hellfire inferno on all sides of you.

Wildfires have been a threat to homes since humans started building homes. When I was a kid I remember hearing about the wildfires and how they would burn some homes that were remote and especially cabins. Today these fires are burning bigger every single year with the fire that displaced our family being the biggest in CO history. This shit is not normal and feels like a crisis we are ignoring.

During our evacuation we stayed with our neighbors and got some interesting insight into the way others think. During the two weeks we were forced from our home we had a lot of time to think about what we would do next if our entire town and community burned to the ground. After a disaster there are the people that will rebuild every single time. Where I grew up these were the river people and every time they were flooded they would march back in and rebuild. The mountain people are no different; our neighbors would rebuild every time if the fire took it all. The FIRE family is not that way and we would walk away. It’s a very surreal thing to have to plan for and think about, but it’s an important exercise. It’s best to know what you would do in advance and have a plan rather than react emotionally.

Of course, Estes Park did not burn and life has returned to normal until the next hellfire comes in to threaten us again which I’m sure will be next year. Come on humanity, let’s just take climate change seriously. It’s about time and might even be too late.

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